Prof. Dr.

Miguel Mies

Coral Reefs and Climate Change Laboratory


Holds bachelor and PhD degrees in Oceanography obtained at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (IO-USP). Currently serves as (i) professor at IO-USP, heading the Coral Reefs and Climate Change Lab (LARC), and also as (ii) research coordinator and (iii) member of the board of directors of the Coral Vivo Institute.


Lines of Research

coral reefs and climate change

coral trophic ecology

symbiotic associations

reproduction in reef organisms

MAIN Skills and Expertise

Controlled field and laboratory experiments

Molecular biology and bioinformatics

Lipid biochemistry and gas chromatography


Athila Bertoncini/Coral Vivo

Contact Info

Instituto Oceanográfico – Universidade de São Paulo
Praça do Oceanográfico, 191, room 137 – Cidade Universitária
05508-120 São Paulo, SP – Brazil
+55 11 3091-6579